About Us

You can tell a lot about a brand by the way it reacts to a crisis.

Some adapt, fine-tuning their business plan to preserve capital.

Others pivot on the spot, changing direction to offer help where it’s needed most.

COVID-19 has put the world on alert. And while the threat is invisible. Our efforts to fight it haven’t been.

With a focus on vitamins and supplements, Vital Life is all about feeling good on the inside. So when a virus threatened us from the outside, we put all our energy into tackling it head on.

Vitality for all.

Rising to the challenge to defend and protect, we’ve created a high-alcohol sanitiser gel as many people as possible can get their hands on.

Together with our growing range of supplements, it delivers on our promise of vitality for all.

Giving back. Playing fair.

Vitality for all is more than a tagline, it’s a promise. We keep our prices as low as possible, to help keep people safe at work and play.

At the height of the recent pandemic, when there was a national shortage of hand sanitiser, we gave away over 25,000 bottles to hospitals and the general public.

Based in the North of England, we take our responsibilities to people and planet seriously and have formal ethics and sustainability policies.