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Summer Fun For The Family

Summer days are here! The time of the year for you to have fun and take a well-deserved break. With over a hundred ways for you to enjoy this Summer, here are our top four suggestions of activities to keep your family entertained throughout the season. 


Start the Summer of right by hosting a friendly BBQ in your back garden. Whether it be smoking a rack of ribs to grilling some mouth-watering vegan burgers, a BBQ will always leave you happy and full. With restrictions now lifted you can even invite friends and neighbours, making a party out of it! 

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Water Balloon Fight 

A fun and convenient tactic for you and the kids to cool down during the Summer heat is to have a water balloon fight. Easily enough all you need is a handful of balloons which you fill with water, and a space where you aren´t afraid of getting wet! Keep the kids active and laughing during the day, and by the time it gets late they´ll be happy and ready to go to bed! 

Arts & Crafts 

Do you find yourself owning a collection of empty and unused carboard boxes? Then here is the perfect solution for you! Let your children’s imagination run wild and give them the opportunity to showcase their creativity through their work. Not only are they able to create sculptures and art pieces with the cardboard, but also games such as a mini golf court for the whole family to enjoy.  

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Have A Bake Off 

Are you a fan of Bake Off, or baking in general? Then why not host your very own baking challenge, a fun activity for the whole family to join in on. Not only will you enjoy baking and eating the cakes, but your children will also develop their weighing and measuring skills. Maths and cake all mixed in one! 

After the year we´ve had, make sure to make this summer all about you and your family. Enjoy & cherish the memories you make, and time you spend together. As you know Summer only comes once a year.  

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